About Us


Burlington Aero’s mission is to bring the passion and dreams of flying we enjoy to everyone that wants to fly, whether learning to be a pilot or just on there bucket list. We believe that those butterfly feelings that you got in the pit of your stomach when you were a kid after you tried something new shouldn’t just be for the kids to enjoy.

Burlington Aero started with two guys and a dream, to share that feeling of freedom and accomplishment you get from learning to fly.

When we were kids ourselves we use to ask our parents to let us have the isle set on a family trip, anytime we saw a airplane fly overhead we would look up and wonder about exploring what far off land it was headed to, or picture ourselves being the pilot and flying that plane from the back set of our parents car with our heads in the sky. The feeling we get from flying is like no other and we want to share that with anyone that will listen.

With what we believe to be the best performing, safest, and most economical airplanes on the market today, you will have the time of your life and make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Not to mention, flying one of the sexiest airplanes built in the market today.

At Burlington Aero we do flight training, sales, and service of the Czech Sport Aircraft. Our training is tailored to fit almost anyone’s work schedule, with the focus on safety, safety, and safety. If buying a Czech Sport Cruiser is what you need, we have a sales team that will sit down with you and discuss everything from colors to financing options. We not only service the Sport Cruiser but almost any other single or twin piston airplane on the market.


To deliver life changing experiences in each aircraft we deliver and maintain, each completed discovery flight, and each new pilot we form. We are committed to high performance, reliable and safe aircraft, and to foment the certified  aircraft segment by representing a brand that combines modern designs, proven cutting edge technology and affordability. Our promise to our customers is excellence on sales, service and training.


Todd Burrus – Owner & President

Todd Burrus brings 30 years of a strong diverse background of leadership formulated from his time in USMC, Medical / Genetic Sales & Marketing, and new company startups and product development. Todd has maintained an active presence of aviation flight and maintenance throughout his career and holds A&P/IA and private pilot certificates.