Flight Training

At Burlington Aero you will be able to learn how to fly at your own pace and budget. From discovery flights, lessons sold in increments to full sport and private licenses, you will be able to learn how to fly in no time! Our experienced instructors will work with you individually in building a plan catered to your level, weather you are a beginner to intermediate or advanced.


Are you ready for an Adventure of a Lifetime?
Come experience the thrill of flying for 60 minutes on a cutting edge, new generation aircraft, SportCruiser, along with your own private flight instructor. Start realizing your dream on a great and affordable way! We guarantee you will discover a new level freedom at first hand. Discovery flights are also a great gift idea!

Discovery Flight


Take control with a Sport Pilot License

Take freedom in your own hands with a Sport Pilot License. Sport Pilot license is an economic and simple way to start flying. With as little as 20 hours of instructor led training you will be on your way to becoming a pilot.

Sport Pilot License


Take your flight experience to a new level!

Whether you are considering to become a pilot to pursue it as a career or only to upgrade your license, Burlington Aero has you covered. With experienced instructors, the lessons are planned and catered to your needs, time and budget.

Private Pilot License